StartEngine Capital files with SEC

StartEngine Capital has filed documentation with the Securities and Exchange Commission to register as a Funding Portal under Title III of the JOBS Act.

StartEngine Capital is a wholly-owned subsidiary of equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine Crowdfunding.

Within days StartEngine will also apply to be a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority under rules which come into effect on May 16. Those rules allow entrepreneurs to raise up to $1 million annually via equity crowdfunding from any interested investor.

StartEngine CEO Ron Miller

StartEngine CEO Ron Miller

StartEngine CEO Ron Miller believes Title III will have a dramatic influence on America’s small businesses.

“Title III represents the next wave of investment opportunities for entrepreneurs across America, which will stimulate the economy and create jobs. The US government has helped by lowering the barrier to entry, and now we will do our part.”

“We believe this will spur a small business revolution, empower more women and minorities and revive the American dream.”