The Daily Dig for Wednesday, February 3

Millennial shuns career track Goldman job for P2P

Even tough Goldman Sachs has started its own P2P, Hugo Davies left a career track position to work for a true P2P. Sarah Butcher reports.

UK SME finance environment on the upswing

The British Business Bank’s new report shows the UK has a record number of small businesses. Ryan Weeks reports.

UK P2P loans passed £2B in 2015

More people are active in the space too. Learn more here.

Indian P2P Faircent launches mobile app

While India is a few years behind the west in the development of its marketplace lending industry, Faircent is positioning itself to be a go-to presence when it takes off. Priyanka Pani reports.

US big banks urged to curb fees in bid to attract the unbanked

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau sent a letter to the 25 largest retail banks urging them to innovate while also curbing practices which help keep people in debt. Lisa Lambert reports