The Daily Dig for Tuesday, February 9

Faircent sees big opportunity for India’s P2Ps

India’s peer-to-peer industry could hit $5 billion within the next five years, if regulators do their part. Learn more here.

Marketplace lending results don’t match hype

With all the buzz about marketplace lending as an option for small business, a surprisingly small percentage of SMB loans are funded that way, leading one industry observer to call the entire industry a potential flash in the pan. Laura Noonan reports.

New Canadian crowdfunding rules move industry beyond the 4%

Investing in Canada just got dam easier

Investing in Canada just got dam easier

Canadian retail investors can now participate in private capital markets. Clare O’Hara reports.

Most UK companies seeking crowdfunding are unprofitable

Results of a Growthdeck analysis of companies listed on six UK crowdfunding platforms shows 92 percent, 106 out of 115, have either never generated a profit or have not yet reported. That makes investor due diligence harder to complete, writes Ben Rossi.