Align Commerce launches Chinese payment corridor

Global SMB payment provider Align Commerce has announced a payment corridor enabling businesses to transfer payments to and from a Chinese with whom the United States engages in $555 billion worth of annual bilateral trade.

To mark the event, and in celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year, Align Commerce will handle all export-import payments between the countries for a flat fee of eight dollars until Monday, Feb. 15.

Marwan Forzley

Marwan Forzley

“Align Commerce is excited to honor Chinese culture and tradition as we celebrate the Year of the Monkey,” said Marwan Forzley, CEO and co-founder of Align Commerce.

“The number eight is traditionally a lucky number in Chinese culture, and we’re hoping to spread the luck around and help small business owners save some money with our ‘$8 for Eight Days’ promotion.”

AlignCommerce’s multi-rail technology combines blockchain with traditional payments, real-time payments tracking and simple invoicing.

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