Bondora opens API

Estonian marketplace lender Bondora has made its Application Programming Interface (API) available to retail and institutional investors throughout Europe.

Not only will Bandora benefit from the move, but the entire peer-to-peer lending industry will be strengthened as multiple third party services are built on a single marketplace, the company said.

Pärtel Tomberg

Pärtel Tomberg

“Being open with data and allowing people to research and build services on top of it will ensure the necessary transparency to make the entire financial ecosystem more sustainable,” Bondora CEO Pärtel Tomberg said.

Citing examples from America where people can invest with multiple platforms from a single site, Mr. Tomberg said he was the same access for Europeans.

Bondora’s complete transaction ledger is publicly available for anyone completing due diligence. The entire industry will benefit from similar transparency by other companies, Mr. Tomberg said.

“We hope that all other platforms as well as credit institutions will follow suit and make their data and APIs publicly available. Our data needs to be open and available to everyone as it helps others to better manage counterparty risks and understand a financial service provider’s financial health.”

“Overall this will reduce the inherent risks of the entire financial system.”