The Daily Dig for Sunday, February 14

New ThinCats CEO puts stamp on SME lender

ESF Capital CEO John Mould saw his responsibilities increase last December when his company bought a controlling stake in secured business lending platform ThinCats. He discusses the changes he has made with Ryan Weeks.

Principles for equity crowdfunding

Recent news in the UK threatens to tarnish the equity crowdfunding industry. What makes a good platform? Gonzalo de Vasconcelos explains.

More than 100M Pakistanis unbanked

According to a World Bank report, one of every 20 unbanked people lives in Pakistan. Pakistan is taking steps to improve rates such as the 2.9 percent of adults with a bank card. Learn more here.

Prosper-linked bonds face Moody’s rate cut

Bonds sold last year by Citigroup which were backed by loans originated by Prosper face a ratings downgrade from Moody’s after it was discovered their debt is souring at a faster than expected rate. Matt Scully and Noah Buhara report.

Inclusion of unbanked part of larger Modi plan

If India is to become a formidable global power, more of its citizens have to be welcomed under the financial umbrella. That is a big reason why the government is working hard of financial inclusion. Learn more here.

House flippers turn to crowdfunding

While not as sexy as tech, house flipping is a safe way for investors to make a decent buck. James Rufus Koren reports.