Natero betting on power of data science

A new company believes its model combining big data analytics and machine learning is a big improvement over the guesswork making up most customer success options.

Natero is a Silicon Valley-based software company working to improve customer success in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies

Garth Goodson
Garth Goodson

“Existing customer success solutions are based solely on intuition and best-guesses rather than data science and business intelligence,” said Craig Soules, Natero co-founder and CEO. “As a result, companies are missing out on critical opportunities to retain and expand within their existing accounts.”

Natero’s model helps customer service managers take a proactive approach to customer relations by interpreting the large volumes of data many SaaS companies generate about their customers.

“Our goal is to retain and nurture our clients to ensure they continue to find value in our products,” said Alan Schaffer, Director of Client Success at Blue Sky Broadcast, a leading provider of SaaS based learning technologies. “Natero shines by pulling in different types of data sets and applying powerful algorithms to give us deeper customer insight and valuable metrics. In turn, this helps us not only reduce churn but allows us to uncover feature opportunities our clients may not be utilizing.”

Natero co-founder and CTO Garth Goodson said the trick was to provide a simple solution while effectively mining large amounts of data.

“SaaS companies have massive amounts of data about their customers. The trick is to aggregate and mine this data to uncover actionable insights — without the need to involve IT or engineering teams every time.”

Natero raised $3.3 million of Series A capital from Merus Capital, Salesforce Ventures, Y Combinator and Andreessen Horowitz Seed.

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