NYMBUS/Geezeo partnership brings opportunity for both

Core banking platform NYMBUS and white-label Personal Finance Management (PFM) provider Geezeo have forged a relationship which opens avenues for both.

Both provide services which allow smaller institutions to efficiently provide competitive services in what had been up until a few years ago an industry of giants. NYMBUS combines core banking functionality, a set of applications and cloud-based infrastructure. Geezeo meshes budgeting, cash flow management and alert management. Both are easily integrated into client systems.

Shawn Ward

Shawn Ward

Adopting a fully digital strategy is not a decision to be taken lightly, but it should be considered, Shawn Ward said.

“Embracing a fully digital strategy requires an aggressive modernization of a financial institution’s often outdated infrastructure, because the competitive landscape has changed and standing still is not an option,” the Geezeo co-founder and CEO said. “Geezeo’s partnership with a cutting-edge platform like NYMBUS demonstrates our continued commitment to evolving PFM from a budgeting tool to a comprehensive digital engagement platform.”

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