The Daily Dig for March 5, 2016

P2P’s to turn to hedge funds to fuel growth

Marketplace lenders will increasingly turn to hedge funds to drive their growth, a new survey shows. Learn more here.

Mobile phones helping African financial inclusion

While 63 percent of sub-Saharan Africans are unbanked, more than half access mobile money through agent. Opportunity awaits. Learn more here.

Jordanian Fin-tech industry on the rise

Fin-tech companies in Jordan are are making their mark, writes Eliot Maras reports.

Bank On Miami helps unbanked

A new program in Miami provides an alternative to payday lenders. Nina Lincoff reports.

Online lenders “nothing new” – Dimon

Online lenders leverage big data in a bigger way than JPMorgan and their ilk. That’s the only major difference between the new and the old, Jamie Dimon believes. Leena Rao reports.

Is institutionalization a problem for alt-fi?

Big players, accredited investors. Is the little guy being squeezed out of alt-fi? Marc Shoffman reports.

LendInvest exec discusses growth challenges

Overcoming bias is one of Matt Tooth’s job responsibilities as he helps LendInvest grow. Rozi Jones reports.


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