The Daily Dig for Sunday, March 13

Johnson & Johnson fund global healthcare crowdfunding site

CaringCrowd has funded school hand washing stations in the Ivory Coast and ultrasound units in the Congo. Stephanie Baum reports.

Equity crowdfunding’s merits in Canada debated

Equity crowdfunding in Canada - Does anyone give a dam?

Equity crowdfunding in Canada – Does anyone give a dam?

Equity crowdfunding is a new to Canada, a country with a consolidated banking industry and one slow to think outside the box. Christina Pellegrini and John Shmuel report.

Banking’s relationship with technology

Compared to other industries, banking spends a greater percentage of its revenue on technology, but how much bang are they getting for their buck? The Economist investigates.

Can Australia be a major fin-tech player?

A pending summit has Australia’s financial community debating what changes need to occur if the country is to become a global fin-tech player, James Eyers reports.


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