Fintech company NYMBUS has launched CUNYMBUS, a new credit union service organization (CUSO).

CUNYMBUS employs existing NYMBUS technology while adding a set of collaborative tools which allow credit unions to share expertise, workflows, training materials, procedures and resources.

The new initiative helps credit unions during at a time of change in the financial services industry, NYMBUS CEO Alex Lopatine explained.

“With our commitment to credit unions as partners and not just clients, we understand first-hand how credit union member expectations are changing and how financial services should be delivered. We believe in the power of credit unions collaborating and working together, and our CUSO will provide all those that join the opportunity to invest in their institutions’ and members’ futures.”

CUNYMBUS credit union members can invest in CUNYMBUS and hold board seats.

Additional benefits include incident tracking, secure forms delivery and online board packets, all which lead to increased efficiency and compliance.

Credit unions’ unique structures  lend themselves well to CUNYMBUS, CPO Kai Ravnborg said.

“We launched CUNYMBUS because we believe so strongly in the collaborative nature of the credit union movement and in our ability to facilitate a higher and more productive level of collaboration using our advanced infrastructure.”

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