Kickfurther surpasses $5M mark

Inventory and invoice financing crowdfunder Kickfurther has surpassed $5.2 million in dealflow with 230 offers from 187 companies seeing funding to date.

Kickfurther allows consumer product companies seeking short-term financing to obtain that financing by sharing sales opportunities with potential backers. The platform focuses on easily-understood products needing low amounts of capital to grow in retail.

Businesses select the amount of financing, profit percentage provided to backers, and a projected timeline based on past performance. Backers have earned more than two percent consignment profit per month on completed offers.

“It’s exciting to see our marketplace continue to grow,” Kickfurther CEO Sean De Clercq said. “With Kickfurther anyone can finance the growth of brands they believe in.

“We’re a radical new way for businesses to finance growing production and for backers to make impressive profits.”



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