CEO Renaud Laplanche
CEO Renaud Laplanche

Lending Club joins Millennium Alternative Investment Network

Fintech asset custody solutions provider Millennium Trust Company has added Lending Club to its Millennium Alternative Investment Network (MAIN).

MAIN is a centralized, online service which simplifies alternative investment management while providing access to a network of altfi platforms.

“MAIN gives Lending Club new access to individual investors and financial advisors,” Renaud Laplance said.

“The addition of Lending Club on MAIN represents an important milestone in our long-standing relationship,” Millennium Trust CEO Gary Asperger said. “We’ve been working with Lending Club since the very early days of the marketplace lending industry, and it seems fitting to me that they will be among the first marketplace lenders listed on MAIN.”

“The alternatives space is ripe for innovation,” added Meg Zwick, Millennium Trust’s senior vice president and director of alternative custody services. “Our technology-driven approach to custody is a perfect match for a company like Lending Club; both of us are using technology to transform the way our industries work and drive efficiencies into outdated, cumbersome processes.”

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