Marqeta selects card provider

Payments innovator Marqeta has selected Arroweye Solutions as its provider of EMV-enabled and traditional magnetic stripe cards.

“As a payment platform, our customers count on us to deliver innovative solutions that power the future of commerce,” Marqeta CPO Dave Matter said. “Arroweye’s flexible platform gives us access to an unlimited number of dynamic imaging and messaging options for our cards and carriers, while eliminating the hassle of perishable inventory.”

Arrow eye CEO Render Dahiya explains the benefits to Marqeta.

“Arroweye’s patented On-Demand model allows Marqeta to offer first-class payment solutions in a fraction of the time it takes other companies. Through Arroweye’s highly customizable platform, Marqeta can target their customers in ways that were not previously possible.”

Arroweye employs just-in-time production techniques by  personalizing, printing, manufacturing and fulfilling cards in a single automated process.

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