VersaPay and Katipult combine to enter Canadian market

Cloud-based payment and accounts receivable management solutions provider VersaPay is partnering with Katipult Software to bring an investment crowdfunding solution to Canada.

“We’re bringing a product to the Canadian market that benefits everyone from investors to issuers as well as regulators, by creating a high standard for processing investment transactions,” Katipult CEO Brock Murray said. “We’re acting as technology partners and building an ecosystem to help firms create portals to grow their investor networks, efficiently manage investors, and streamline deal administration.”

“We are continuously looking for partners to extend our offering throughout the financial services ecosystem and Katipult is a good example of that,” VersaPay CEO Craig O’Neill said. “As a PCI Level 1 compliant solution, VersaPay enables Katipult to provide an integrated payment capability that delivers on these requirements.”


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