InAuth and Trunomi partnership to improve mobile security

Authentication and fraud prevention company InAuth is partnering with data solutions provider Trunomi to provide enhanced fraud protection and security for European financial services companies interested in mobile onboarding and lifecycle management.

All-digital onboarding and higher security will result, the companies say. InAuth contributes solutions for mobile and browser device authentication and fraud prevention while Trunomi offers a customer-driven data sharing platform. Only authenticated and trusted devices will be able to be used for onboarding and the exchange of personal data between financial companies.

“Trunomi’s partnership with InAuth combines the best authentication and personal data management technologies,” Trunomi Founder and CEO Stuart Lacey said.  “We are making it possible for financial institutions to progress beyond the outdated, paper-based customer onboarding and data remediation that remains widespread today.

The companies’ combined efforts allow their European clients to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

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