NSR Kickfurther announce partnership at LendIt 2016

Inventory and financing marketplace Kickfurther and P2P investment management platform NSR Invest are partnering to improve the former’s data-driven investment capabilities.

Employing NSR Invest’s open architecture, Kickfurther offers clients the ability to analyze and select offers with the help of NSR’s analytics, trading and reporting tools.


“Kickfurther provides our clients with a differentiated opportunity to access investment opportunities that provide enhanced yield,” NSR Invest Co-Founder & CEO Bo Brustkern said. “Kickfurther is a fast-growing platform in the inventory financing space providing attractive short term yield opportunities on a fractionalized basis for both retail and accredited investors.”

“This partnership has the potential to add tens of millions of dollars into our crowdfunding ecosystem,” Kickfurther Co-Founder & CEO Sean De Clercq added. “We admire the team at NSR Invest and their leadership as pioneers in FinTech.”

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