Pave raises $8M Series A

Online lending platform Pave has completed an $8 million Series A round led by Maxfield Capital. Existing investors also participated.

The round comes a few months after Pave secured $300 million to fund loan originations on its platform.

Pave Co-Founder and CEO Oren Bass explained Pave and its growth.

“Over the past year, we have been building a platform that empowers borrowers, even those with limited credit histories, to advance themselves by securing the financial resources they need. There are many creditworthy individuals that have not been treated fairly by the financial system and we solve that problem by looking at the complete picture of an individual, including their potential.

“With this investment we are in a great position to grow our team, and most importantly, expand lending to overlooked borrowers.”

Pave’s unique approach helps individuals with limited histories obtain loans at better rates than traditional sources.

Learn more about Pave:

Pave attracts $300 million

Interview with Oren Bass


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