Gambitious opens portal to new investors

Global game crowd financing platform Gambitious is accepting 50 new accredited investors.

Gambitious Co-Founder and CEO Paul Hanraets explains his business model.

“At Gambitious, we lead project financing and raise money from our growing investor network via our funding portal, offering investors the opportunity to invest right alongside us the publisher, at the same terms, ensuring that everyone involved has a fair and positive experience. Monies are paid out over milestones throughout development, just like any publisher or VC would do.”

In its first year of publishing, four of its first six titles returned a profit for its investor network within the first month of sales.

Gambitious’ publishing label Gambitious Digital Entertainment has signed Urban Games’ Transport Fever, the sequel to Train Fever, which was Gambitious’ first successfully equity crowd financed title.  Transport Fever is coming to PC this fall.