The Daily Dig for Sunday, April 17

BlackRock buying P2P loans

BlackRock bought £12.7M of Funding Circle shares in December, and now offers retail investors exposure to the sector via an actively managed product. Aime Williams reports.

Big banks still risky but facing fractured opposition

Many big banks do not have credible survival plans and there needs to be a more coordinated effort to get them to change, writes Eleanor Bloxham.

TBTF alive and well – Hoenig

The failure of several big banks to do better has Thomas Hoenig watching them closely, writes Barney Jopson.

Fickle institutions force P2P’s to widen capital search

Marketplace lenders have welcomes institutional capital with open arms, but as those institutions pull back, the fintechs have to look elsewhere, and that’s not bad, writes Nick Clements.


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