UK insurance giant invests in Opun

Aviva Ventures has invested £3 million in Opun, a United Kingdom-based platform which helps people manage home improvement projects. The funds are earmarked for customer service and technology improvements.

Aviva Ventures is the wholly-owned venture capital of insurance company Aviva.

Via a website and app, Opun coordinates different aspects of home improvement projects for its users, including negotiating price and guaranteeing work. Opun works with a set of previously vetted contractors and offers them customer communication tools and service.

Aviva Ventures Managing Director Ben Luckett explained the attraction to Opun.

“We were most impressed with how they have managed to build a digital business that has simplified an area notorious for its complexity.”

Opun Co-Founder and CCO John Cushing said the home improvement sector was ripe for disruption.

“People are tired of receiving conflicting quotes for the same work and then having to settle for substandard quality. The customer-contractor relationship in the UK is in desperate need of repair and it’s our aim to do just that.”

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