Survey unveils global economic risks

There are several risks to the global economy, but the ones you most worry about depend on where you live, results of a new survey by The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC)  show.

An Asian economic slowdown was the biggest issue, cited by 22 percent of respondents. The fear is growing, as only one percent were concerned in 2015.

Economic malaise in the United States and Europe are a growing concern, with both ranking in the top five. More than one in three think it could happen in the United States, while one in four believe it could happen in Europe.

Cybersecurity remains the number one worry, with one in four seeing it as the biggest threat and 56 percent ranking it in the top five, but those numbers are in decline as more companies publicize their prevention efforts fewer people.

A DTCC official is not surprised by fears of regional slowdowns.

“We’re not surprised to see an increase in concerns about the global economy, especially in Asia where we have seen the economy slow down in China sharply in recent years compared to three decades of mostly double digit growth,” said Managing Director and Chief Systemic Risk Officer Michael Leibrock.

Mr. Leibrock cautioned people against complacency toward cyber threats.

“Interestingly, while cyber risk remains very much top of mind, concerns have decreased over the last year, raising a red flag that firms need to remain vigilant in the face of this persistent threat.”

More Americans (62 percent) fear cyber risk than people elsewhere (38 percent). Americans also fear the impact of new regulations and liquidity more than their counterparts by wide margins.

On the reverse, fewer Americans worry about Brexit and deflation than people elsewhere.