Flexx chooses Cloud Lending Solutions

National forklift rental and leasing provider Flexx has selected a pair of services from Cloud Lending Solutions to improve its service delivery.

CL Originate will help automate and simplify the originating process while CL Lease facilitates efficient servicing and asset management of its leased equipment.

A recent survey revealed 40 percent of companies with equipment financing programs have back-end platforms which do not meet their needs.

“Cloud Lending Solutions allows us to automate the entire leasing process, on a single system, from evaluating financial applications through servicing, collections and asset disposal.  By leveraging the salesforce.com platform, we will be able to lower our operating costs, speed time to market and maintain strong relationships with our customers to improve their overall experience,” Flexx president Mike Sheehan said.

“Flexx’s equipment leasing program is growing at a rapid pace and needs to keep up with demand,” said Snehal Fulzele, CEO of Cloud Lending Solutions. “CL Originate and our newest product, CL Lease, enable Flexx to streamline their processes and workflows, integrate their 3rd party applications, and consolidate their data so that they can be alert to new opportunities and more effectively serve their customers.

“We are proud Flexx chose Cloud Lending Solutions as their trusted partner to deliver leasing applications that drive innovation.”