ControlScan improvements to reduce client vulnerability

Security, compliance and risk management company ControlScan has improved its PCI External Vulnerability Scanning service which helps companies comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

The ControlScan PCI External Vulnerability Scanning service identifies vulnerabilities and prioritizes their remediation.

“The newly released PCI External Vulnerability Scanning service involves a completely redesigned delivery model that significantly advances the user experience,” said Steve Robb, ControlScan’s Senior Vice President of Security Marketing and Product Strategy.

Enhancements to the ControlScan PCI External Vulnerability Scanning service include responsive scanning, improved scan management workflow and multi-target and location scanning.

“We provide multiple technology services to the hospitality industry, one of which is fully managing external vulnerability scans across the various branded properties we support,” said Jean-Francois Awenenti, PCIP, Professional Services Manager for Centrada Solutions, LLC. “The new ControlScan PCI External Vulnerability Scanning service makes it exceptionally easy to manage this program for our customers, plus it gives us the critical information we need to help them with their compliance.”


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