Blockchain tech and finserv companies join Chamber of Digital Commerce

Microsoft, Bloq, USAA and Symbiont have joined the Chamber of Digital Commerce, moves which increase the organization’s reach into financial services, smart contracts and enterprise software.

Blockchain’s use in new areas beyond its original scope make it imperative there are organized education efforts targeting regulators, Bloq Chairman and Co-Founder Matthew Roszak said.

“Through my experience in working in technology and finance, engagement with public policymakers is critical for industry growth and success. Bloq is leading the industry’s efforts in enterprise grade blockchain software.”

Microsoft Director of BizDev and Blockchain Strategy Marley Gray said it is important for the industry to be working toward the same goal.

“We firmly believe industry collaborations are critical to bringing distributed ledger technology to market. The work of the Chamber will advance distributed ledger technology in a thoughtful, pragmatic way.”

“Market leading companies continue to enter the blockchain ecosystem at an unprecedented pace, further underlining the importance and potential of this transformative technology.” Chamber of Digital Commerce Founder and President Perianne Boring said. “They quickly realize that education and advocacy efforts are mission-critical to the success of this industry’s future.”

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