Sapient Global Markets enhances regulatory and compliance technology

Fintech provider Sapient Global Markets hopes RegCon will address problems such as low match rates and regulatory reporting accuracy.

Trade reconciliation tools are becoming increasingly important as regulators expect institutions to have proper processes for identifying and resolving data errors. Sapient Global Markets addresses this via a combination of automated trade matching and reconciliation, break management, and resolution workflow. It is available either as a standalone solution or as a managed service.

The trade matching engine addresses data and resolution issues by automating two-way trade matching and reconciliation. Common issues such as Universal Trade Identifiers are addressed. RegRecon links with Trade Repositories, ARMs and counterparties to receive confirmation responses and daily reports which assist with reconciliation.

“Many of the traditional ways of working with data, particularly in post-trade processing for trade reporting and portfolio reconciliation are inconsistent and uneconomic, posing a significant compliance risk,” vice-president Arun Kaur said.

“RegRecon enhances operational processes through enhanced automation and efficient, seamless reconciliation workflow. It provides deeper insight in to all trade discrepancies and simplifies resolution tracking of all changes and messages between the middle-office and counterparties. It improves reporting accuracy mitigating the risk of non-compliance, while also saving time, money and effort for a function that offers firms no competitive advantage.”