The Daily Dig for Sunday, May 8

Indian finance experts want P2P excluded from leverage ratios

As the Reserve Bank of India moves to regulate marketplace lending, experts are asking for the industry to be excluded from leverage ratio calculations. Find out why here.

Why Regulation A+ is better than venture capital

If you are an entrepreneur in the heartland or somewhere else far away from a VC hub, you will likely have a harder time accessing traditional venture capital. That is one of at least seven things Regulation A+ has over traditional venture capital, writes Rod Turner.

Consumer Protection Bureau growing teeth

The fledgling agency is finally taking steps to actually protect consumers and that is good, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Fintech turns banks into platforms

While much about banking is changing, most of us do not change our actual banks. Josh Constine explains.

Marketplace lenders making boatloads from origination fees

The fees they charge vary, and include risk-based premiums, writes Joe Marino.

Thai banks betting big on fintech

Banks in Thailand are beginning to invest large sums in fintech startups, the latest confirmation of the sector. Suchet Leesa-Nguansuk reports.

Prosper facing tough times

Steep job cuts and the closing of recent acquisitions are but two of the recent ominous events which have shaken Prosper. Learn more here.