Bloq/Deloitte partnership to deliver blockchain solutions

Blockchain solutions provider Bloq is partnering with Deloitte to build blockchain software for global companies. The core values will be open source, security and reliability.

“Deloitte’s market leadership in financial services coupled with Bloq’s expertise in blockchain technology, creates a very powerful combination in the industry,” Bloq co-founder and chairman Matthew Roszak said. “Every CTO on the planet is in the process of developing their blockchain strategy, and this partnership will help further enable these discussions with the guidance and expertise they need.”

The move is part of Deloitte’s efforts to create blockchain-related prototypes addressing digital identity, digital banking, cross border payments, loyalty and rewards, and investment management and insurance products.

“Blockchain is proving to be a major disruptive force in financial services,” said Eric Piscini, principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP. “We continue to focus on helping our clients make blockchain a reality for their business. Together, we are harvesting the benefits of blockchain technologies — developing new revenue models, improving cost efficiencies and creating innovative solutions across the globe.”