WealthForge introduces new network

Private capital and compliance technology company WealthForge has unveiled WealthForge Network, a technology-enabled network of finance professionals.

Network members can access WealthForge’s private investment opportunities while companies get access to new investors.

WealthForge also announced Dynamic Tombstone, technology allowing companies to publicly share and advertise private placement offering details in real time.

“We’re excited about how this new technology will allow us to further expand our investor network and get more deals closed in less time,” said Encore Enterprises Chairman Dr. Bharat Sangani. Encore Enterprises is a WealthForge client.

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen our technology address a need to speed up the manual, cumbersome process typically associated with raising private capital,” WealthForge cofounder Mat Dellorso said.. “Our new Network combined with our Dynamic Tombstone technology puts the power in the hands of private companies and investors alike, taking advantage of the network effect – allowing companies to tap into new accredited investor pools more easily while providing vetted investment opportunities for our network members.”