The Daily Dig for Saturday, May 14

P2P industry safe despite recent turmoil

The marketplace lending industry is safe despite recent stock drops and personal missteps, U.K. industry leaders tell Aime Williams.

Take away the sprinkles and P2P is a regular donut?

Don’t let the flash of a new industry stop you from doing your due diligence on it, Gretchen Morgenson warns.

No it isn’t: Lewis

The industry fundamentals are fine, Rhydian Lewis tells Bloomberg.

Banks to tap into robo advisers

Banks are well-positioned to employ rob0-advising to great gain, writes Victoria Craig.

Blockchain startup seeking $200M, some potential investors balking

R3 aims to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream and wants $200 million from investors to help bring that along. Some potential investors want better terms, writes Oscar Williams-Grut.

Lending Club troubles a gift to banks?

Lending Club’s troubles could be a gift to mainstream finance which wants to see, at a minimum, tighter regulation. Learn more from The Economist.

Apple Pay expanding in Canada

Recent developments have laid the foundation for Apple Pay’s expansion in Canada, writes Alexandra Posadzki.

Big banks catching up in fintech race

Banks are filing fintech patent requests at a dizzying pace, writes Kim Nash.