The Daily Dig for Tuesday, May 17

Do recent actions make Lending Club just another company?

For a company once thought of as the antithesis of Wall Street, Lending Club is looking awfully mainstream lately, writes Jonathan Ford.

Prosper on capital hunt?

Nobody is talking on the record, but it looks like Prosper Marketplace is looking for capital, writes Matt Scully.

Lending Club subpoenaed by DoJ

The trouble continues over at Lending Club, which just received a subpoena from the apartment of Justice, writes Richard Waters.

Renaud Laplanche’s final days in da club

While things may have appeared fine on the surface, trouble was brewing for weeks at leading Club, write Peter Rudegeair and Annamaria Andriotis.

Some news not involving the above two companies

Fintech firms can likely strike it rich in India, China, the Philippines, and elsewhere in the region. Learn more here.

Crowdfunders bullish on blockchain

One out of every five large crowdfunding projects deals with blockchain, writes Alex Sunnarborg.

Big banks getting off the schneid on smart payments

After losing ground to dozens of fintech startups, big banks are getting into smart payments, writes Adam Belz.