UK employee benefits provider chooses Cloud Lending Solutions

Cloud-based end-to-end lending platform Cloud Lending Solutions‘ product suite has been selected by UK employee benefits provider Neyber, a company facilitating low-cost, payroll-integrated loans . Neyber now uses CL Originate, CL Loan and CL Collections.

In a release, Neyber said the money it saves customers translates to a five precent pay raise and as much as 20 percent lower monthly debt repayment costs.

Cloud Lending Solutions CEO Snehal Fulzele explained why Neyber chose his company.

“Neyber chose Cloud Lending Solutions because they wanted an end-to-end loan management platform that also allows them to be agile and responsive to changing regulations and business needs. The scalability of our platform will support Neyber’s growth plans, allowing them to focus on their business and continue to bring new, innovative fintech offerings to market.”