CAN Capital partners with Entrepreneur Media

Small business financing platform CAN Capital is partnering with Entrepreneur Media to provide an additional avenue for small businesses in search of funding. Entrepreneur Lending powered by CAN Capital launches later this year.

“At Entrepreneur Media, we are committed to solving business pain points by providing relevant information and trusted solutions to current and aspiring businesses,” said Ryan Shea, CEO of Entrepreneur Media. “We’ve often asked our customers what services are most important to them and lending is always near the top of the list. The partnership brings together two best-in-class companies dedicated to helping small businesses succeed and grow.”

CAN Capital will provide flexible funding solutions through Entrepreneur Lending in as little as two days.

“CAN Capital is the original trailblazer in small business finance,” CAN Capital CEO Dan DeMeo said. “We have more than 18 years of experience and have provided small businesses with access to more than $6 billion in working capital.”

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