Mobify introduces mobile, cloud-based customer engagement platform

Customer engagement platform Mobify has launched a new cloud-based mobile customer engagement platform which integrates the best features from multiple platforms.

The Mobify Mobile Customer Engagement Platform combines mobile web with app-like features, mobile web-integrated apps, push notifications on web browsers and apps and several marketing features.

Mobify said it is the first mobile commerce solution to leverage the benefits of Google’s Progressive Web App technology that makes web apps feel and perform more like native ones.

With its patent-pending Progressive Mobile™ technology, Mobify’s mobile web feature can be added to traditional mobile web sites, including those built with responsive web design, typically yielding a 3x performance improvement. The technology also brings other app-like features to mobile web, including advanced push notifications, offline usage, and more flexible screen layouts.

Recent data from RSR Research shows 74 percent of retail CEO’s are concerned with how shifting consumer purchase patterns are disrupting traditional marketing funnels just as mobile technology on its own disrupts the marketplace.

Early mobile solutions are risky, expensive and cannot sustain engagement, Mobify CEO Igor Faletski explained, so better solutions are required.

“With Mobify’s Customer Engagement Platform we are enabling our retail partners to deliver to their customers a personalized, seamless mobile buying journey, across all interaction points, deployed and managed from a single comprehensive platform.”

The Mobify Mobile Customer Engagement Platform features:

  • Progressive Mobile™ — Mobify’s patent-pending technology allows customers to turn on an iOS App, Android App, and/or a conversion-optimized mobile website with app-like functionality, or choose just one place to start. Enable push notifications, store locators, barcode scanners and more, all from one code base.
  • Engagement Engine — delivers personalized content in real-time, using contextual information such as location, behavioral data, 1st party data, and integrations with partners.
  • Connection Centre — features a user interface that doesn’t require any technical knowledge for marketers to target, personalize, deliver, and track customer engagement from one central location and personalize interactions such as push notifications and highly-relevant web or app content.