New SAP Ariba offering facilitates supply chain collaboration

A new product from SAP Ariba is designed to help companies to connect with partners and manage direct procurement activities in one place.

Ariba Collaborative Supply Chain connects stakeholder systems through the Ariba Network. The cloud-based solution is embedded in planning and execution systems to provide real time collaboration.

“Direct materials supply chains are more complex than ever, spanning multiple geographies and tiers” SAP Ariba president Alex Atzberger said. “And to effectively manage them requires two things: visibility and collaboration.

“Ariba Collaborative Supply Chain not only provides companies with a clear and real-time view into their supply chain, but enables them to collaborate on key planning and execution processes in new and innovative ways that transform their business and results.”

“Supply chain management is no longer simply a function, but a competitive differentiator, said Vasee Rayan, Vice President, Solutions Management, Ariba Network. “Companies are embracing innovative solutions that enable them to digitize their processes and collaborate without boundaries to gain market advantage.”