Samsung Pay increases use of Mobeam technology

Mobile barcode beaming technology company Mobeam’s technology has been incorporated into Samsung Pay.

Samsung has been using Mobeam technology for several months for barcode-based gift card redemptions. Following the latest Samsung Pay update Mobeam technology now powers the transmission of any barcoded loyalty or membership card at retail POS laser scanners. Mobeam mimics a barcode reading by beaming an invisible light into the POS scanner which the scanner reads as a barcode reflection.

“Most retail transactions today incorporate some form of ‘non-cash’ payment or promotion at checkout, or the presentation of shopper credentials, which can include loyalty cards, gift cards or coupons,” said Mobeam CEO George Garrick. “Since the laser scanner is the most widely used scanner in grocery stores, drug stores, and mass merchandiser chains, mobile wallet shoppers are otherwise left with a hybrid process that still requires the inconvenient manual use of plastic and paper.”

Mr. Garrick added Mobeam technology provides a more convenient shopping experience, better checkout and transaction clearing, and greater ability to properly target offers.

The achievement was harder than it may seem, Mr. Garrick said.

“Contrary to what a lot of people think, it’s not at all as simple of taking a photo of the barcode with your phone’s camera and then showing that photo to the laser scanner. Try that. It simply won’t work. Mobeam is an extremely sophisticated technology which allows an infra-red LED in the phone to transmit the barcode to the scanner. The scanner interprets it exactly as if it were scanning the barcode, and to the shopper the motion is the familiar act of presenting the phone’s screen to the scanner.”