OneRent hires former Prosper exec

San Jose-based residential rental and property management service OneRent has hired former Prosper executive Manicka Babu as its chief technology officer.

Mr. Babu spent the past 15 months at prosper, first as vice president of engineering and then as chief technology officer. He has also held senior positions at, and Martini Media.

In a release, OneRent said Mr. Babu brings significant experience developing and scaling complex financial systems related to real estate.

“As we continue to grow at an accelerated rate due to massive market opportunity, we have positioned ourselves to become the definitive leader in residential renting services,” COO Rico Mok said. “(Mr. Babu) is a seasoned leader with a proven track record of scaling technology needs for businesses.”

OneRent projects more than $100 million in rents from 500 properties to come through the company by the end of 2016.


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