New Mobeam capability enhances digital wallet potential

Mobile barcode beaming technology company Mobeam‘s technology is the first allowing consumer packaged goods manufacturers to issue and redeem mobile coupons not associated with a specific loyalty card, the company said in a release.

Based on a newly adopted GS1 applications standards modification, the standard conforms to the industry best practice of invisible-to-user offer and bar codes. GS1 is a supply chain industry standards organization.

The norm is for retailer coupons to only be redeemable at the issuing retailer while manufacturer coupons came in paper. Now consumer packaged goods manufacturers can issue barcoded, mobile coupons users can redeem at checkout via their smartphones.

Many mobile payment apps employ near field communication and other technologies which communicate with credit card payment terminals but not scanners. Mobeam facilitates an enhanced mobile wallet experience by enabling the user to carry loyalty, membership and gift cards along with coupons.

“The successful modification of this GS1 standard is of landmark significance for brands, retailers, mobile device manufacturers, payment app developers, and, of course, shoppers everywhere,” Mobeam CEO George Garrick said. “Brands and retailers can now greatly expand their marketing capabilities, while more effectively reaching mobile-centric millennials and staying ahead of today’s shopper expectations.”

Paper coupons are one of the last symbols of a dying era, Mr. Garrick added.

“Mobile manufacturer coupons are secure and fraud resistant, and the antiquated process of shipping coupons out of the country to be manually counted and cleared can be replaced with fast, accurate and secure digital processing.”

Mobeam’s Beep’nGo app will soon be the first mobile app to process manufacturer coupons at retail checkouts. They are working with retailers and mobile device manufacturers to help them capitalize on Mobeam technology.