The Daily Dig for Tues., June 14

Prosper, Lending Tree/Credit Karma relationships on hold

According to sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Prosper has paused its relationships with prominent referral sites LendingTree and Credit Karma. Learn more here.

Lord Turner to speak at LendIt Europe

Lord Adair Turner has made waved about the strong reservations he has about the marketplace lending industry. Now he is preparing to share his reasons face-to-face with the industry at LendIt Europe, Oscar Williams-Grut reports.

Is the fear of P2P simply the fear of the unknown?

Many people do not like change and marketplace lending models represent plenty of that. If doubters fears are to be lessened, education will be key, Tom Belger reports.

Is Renaud Laplanche planning a takeover of Lending Club?

There is talk Renaud Laplanche is seeking out private equity firms to finance a buyout of Lending Club. Learn more here.

Some Wall Streeters rating Lending Club a “buy”

Even though the company is coming off a horrible month and its value has sunk 60 percent in 2016, some analysts rate Lending Club a “buy” as the value of its core business model has not changed. Maggie McGrath reports.

Lending Club mailings down significantly

Significantly, as in 75 percent significant. It may be so they do not market to people they will ultimately reject. Ben McLannahan reports.




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