The Daily Dig for Wed., June 22

Will Brexit hurt UK fintech?

Studies suggest UK household incomes would drop should they vote to leave the European Union. Their fintechs will not do well either, writes Ralf Ohlhausen.

Prosper pursuing retail investors

Recent adjustments to its website has Prosper Marketplace hoping they will attract retail investors. Ryan Weeks reports.

Silicon Valley’s loss Wall Street’s gain?

Recent Silicon Valley reluctance to invest in fintechs has created a void Wall Street is looking to fill. Joe Marino reports.

Chinese billionaire betting on Lending Club

Sanda Group has upped its stake to 15.13 percent from 11.70, Daniel Lanyon writes.

Commerzbank unveils SMB P2P

The German bank seeks to match SMBs with institutional investors. Learn more here.

Ecobank targets African small business, unbanked

People living in rural areas and SMBs are the targets for Ecobank, writes Enacy Mapakame.


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