Brett Crosby
Brett Crosby

PeerStreet enhances platform

Online real estate marketplace PeerStreet has unveiled several enhancements to its platform.

Automated Investing matches investors with loans which meet pre-selected criteria. It has been updated to meet demand, PeerStreet’s COO said.

“Due to the popularity of Automated Investing, we are rolling out a series of improvements to give investors a better opportunity to get into high-demand offerings,” Brett Crosby explained. “Our new allocation system is designed with customers top of mind, ensuring that people get access to investments that are frequently oversubscribed on the platform.”

A second enhancement helps reinvest funds more quickly after bank transfer initiation. In the past investors had to wait three business days for clearance, but now they can immediately use those funds.

“With the launch of instant funding, investors can see an investment they want and get in without having to wait three days for banks to transfer their funds,” CEO Brew Johnson said. “We want to make the investing process as seamless as possible and this is a big step forward in removing friction from the process.”

The investor dashboard has also been improved to provide investors with more transparency into specific loans and payments. A new payment schedule was implemented to help investors anticipate distributions.

PeerStreet has also simplified the process of investing through a self-directed IRA.

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