RealtyShares names Chief Product Officer

Real estate crowdfunder RealtyShares has named Simon Morris as Chief Product Officer. He is responsible for technology and product development.

“I chose to join RealtyShares because I’m interested in the dream of what this can be,” Mr. Morris explained. “The opportunity  to build a data-driven platform to scale is very exciting and technology is an integral part of that vision.”

Mr.Morris joins RealtyShares from P2P file sharing platform BitTorrent Media. He earlier worked with Version and Openwave Systems.

The hire meshes well with CEO Nav Athwal’s goals for RealtyShares.

“The next phase of the company will focus on three main strategic imperatives – strong underwriting and credit decisioning, diversification of capital across institutions and individuals, and achieving scale through technology and product.”

RealtyShares has invested more than $150 million in more than 330 investments.

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