Funding Circle hires Jeremy Bennett as global CFO


Small business loan platform Funding Circle has hired Jeremy Bennett as its global chief financial officer. Mr. Bennett has more than 30 years experience at financial services firms including Credit Suisse and Nomura International.

During the financial crisis Mr. Bennett was a senior adviser to the Financial Services Authority and HM Treasury and was charged with creating the £800 billion Asset Protection Scheme that insured all UK Banks in 2008.  He became the first CEO of the Asset Protection Agency created by HM to oversee it. As a senior adviser to the HMT on the Vickers Commission recommendations, Mr. Bennett advised on the adoption, modification and implementation of new banking structures for the UK government.

“Jeremy has significant experience in building large scale financial services businesses and will play an integral role as we continue our evolution. He brings years of credibility and importantly, shares our values and our ambition to continue to build a better financial world by revolutionizing the financial system and securing a better deal for everyone.”


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