The Daily Dig for Sat., July 16

Moody’s gives Prosper vote of confidence

After threatening a downgrade earlier this year, Moody’s is staying put, citing the “absence of substantial deterioration.” Telis Demos reports.

Big banks use outsourcing to catch up

The big banks are outsourcing large slices of their operations to tech companies who can do it faster and better. Stephanie Overby reports.

Explaining risk to UK alt-fi investors

The Financial Conduct Authority is reviewing alternative finance in the United Kingdom. Aime Williams reviews alt-fi’s current state.

The difference between federal and state crowdfunding laws

There important differences between federal and state crowdfunding laws, and still more differences between state laws themselves. Vincent Bradley explains.

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

Russian fintech Blackmoon is coming to the United States. They analyze, screen and price loans issued by others to sell on to investors. Learn more here.

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