Fundbox launches iOS mobile app

SMB cash flow optimization platform Fundbox has launched its iOS mobile app. The app comes with the same features as the Fundbox platform, with registration taking a short period.

Results of a 2014 survey show almost 80 percent of SMBs consistency rely on three or more mobile apps, with financial management one of the most popular categories.

“Our mission has always been to empower small businesses with an easy and convenient way to close their cash flow gaps,” Fundbox CPO Prashant Fuloria, said. “Mobile use is the new norm, and our app offers a more streamlined experience for small business owners to manage their business finances when working outside of the office or away from their computer, through this natural touch point.”

Fundbox has underwritten close to 40 million invoices and worked with more than 30,000 SMBs nationwide. The free app is available from the iTunes Store.


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