The Daily Dig for Tues., July 26

Indian partnership a marriage of traditional and alternative finance

The Bank of Baroda is using data from Creditmantri to help it make lending decisions. Pratik Bhakta reports.

P2P’s regulatory history in Taiwan

Hungyi Chen provides a good primer on the development of marketplace lending regulation in an important country.

Big banks falling behind Venmo in app race

Big banks are working hard to developing something decent on the online P2P payments space. Eric DuVall reports.

Brexit not so bad for banks?

After the initial euphoria subsided, it appears banks found several ways to make money from the UK leaving the EU. OK. Learn more here.

Lending Club looseness leads to UK tightening

The scandals at Lending Club have led to a closer look at the industry across the pond. An ounce of prevention, they say. Roger Aitken reports.