Transpay/ClickSure unite on commission payments

Cross-border payment platform Transpay has partnered with open market affiliate network ClickSure to facilitate commission payments to more than 400,000 worldwide affiliates.

As ClickSure’s network grows it is focusing on efficient and cost effective payments for affiliates. ClickSure advertisers can now allocate commissions to affiliates in multiple countries on a platform which tracks those payments. Transpay’s direct-to-bank access in key emerging markets provides a solution for the more than half of ClickSure affiliates wanting commissions sent directly to their bank accounts.

Transpay SVP Nagarajan Rao explains how his platform, which is available in more than 60 currencies in 120 countries, simplifies the payments process.

“International bank wires are riddled with inefficiencies, manual processes and high costs which bog down the speed and success of payments for affiliate networks. Because we own a proprietary network, Transpay is able to manage every step of the payout delivery process from currency conversion to customer service.”


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