The Daily Dig for Sat., Aug.13

Faircent raises $1.5M

The Indian P2P raised the funds from Brand Capital. Sanghamitra Kar reports.

New UK P2P on hunt for Arab investors

ArchOver claims returns of eight percent. Ben Flanagan reports.

Credible Friends P2P app based on bitcoin

Users can extend credit lines to friends in two minutes, Luke Parker reports.

Digital minerals coming up

Cryptocurrency bearing rights to minerals has many advantages, writes Jaime Lee.

Dramatically higher losses proof of Lending Club struggles

With a net quarterly loss 20 times higher than a year ago, Lending Club is clearly feeling the effect of its governance scandal, Ben McLannahan reports.

Banking access a covert-fighting tool in Indonesia

A small percentage of Indonesians have bank accounts and it is costing them, Francine Pickup reports.

B of E rate cut to aid P2P sector?

With rates slashed to .25 percent, investors will look elsewhere to park their cash. Laura Whitcombe reports.


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