CEO G. Scott Paterson
CEO G. Scott Paterson

FutureVault introduces digital collaborative vault

Fintech company FutureVault has introduced a digital collaborative vault which allows users to digitally deposit, store and manage important financial, legal and personal documents via a white label, cloud-based SaaS platform.

Platform features include:

  • The ability to allow financial professionals full or partial access to a user’s account;
  • High security storage and bank-grade encryption;
  • Smart filing with 25 categories, 170 subcategories and more than 1,150 suggested documents and summary forms;
  • An Optical Character Recognition auto-filing system which can tell the user where to upload documents;
  • Structured communication and collaboration capability between institutions and clients.
CEO G. Scott Paterson
CEO G. Scott Paterson

Chairman and CEO G. Scott Paterson explained FutureVault’s value proposition.

“Within five years, every financial services organization in the world — banks, credit unions, mutual funds, unions, pension funds, accountants, law firms — will need to build or buy a FutureVault-type solution to engage and collaborate with customers — initially as a competitive advantage and later so as to not be left behind.”

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