Seedrs announces first portfolio results

UK equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs has released initial results from the 253 deals funded on the platform between its July 2012 launch and the end of 2015.

Roughly 40 percent of deals were for digital businesses, and 20 percent were for nondigital firms. The remaining 40 percent were for hybrids of the two. More than half of deals were for business-to-consumer companies and 30 percent for B2Bs.

Jeff Lynn, CEO, Seedrs

Jeff Lynn, CEO, Seedrs

On a non-tax-adjusted basis the platform-wide internal rate of return (IRR) as of July 31, 2016 was 14.44 percent. Investors participating in at least 20 deals earned an average non-tax-adjusted IRR of 15.01 percent.

The three best performing sectors are food and beverage (22.77 percent non-tax-adjusted IRR), home and personal (17.70) and finance and payments (16.91 percent).

“I co-founded the business in 2009 because I am a strong believer that a portfolio of early-stage investments can produce great returns for investors,” co-founder and CEO Jeff Lynn said. “The Seedrs portfolio has achieved an IRR in excess of nearly every other asset class, and that’s even without taking into account the impact of tax reliefs.”